Monday, January 26, 2015

Four Corners Alliance Group

Hello friends my name is Darren but a lot of people call me Dario. Not too long ago I came across a company called Four Corners Alliance Group. 
As I looked into it I found out that it uses a proven system of the 4 x 6 forced matrix. If you know what that is you know that it is powerful and that it is set up to help the new people in the business. The way Four Corners Alliance Group works is because you can only have four personally sponsored people under you. After that anybody you sponsor has to go under one of those four until they have four of their own, and then anyone you sponsor has to go down to the next level so you see in four corners alliance group when you join everybody above you is working to help you to build a business for yourself. I don't think that you can join this group and not have to do anything of course you can but you might not want to because what you find out when you study the business is that you get matching bonuses on anyone that you personally sponsor even if they're not in your front line, so it's to your advantage to continue to sponsor new people all the time. Of course whoever they are placed under will benefit as well but imagine if you sponsored two of your first four and then went on to help them to make $1000 ...well, you will have made $1000 plus you will have made a bit of a matching bonus on each of their $1000 so in essence you well have made $3000. Now if you had not sponsored anyone in your front line you still would've made $1000 which is not too shabby but wouldn't you agree that $3000 is much nicer? Now what if the two people that you sponsor go on to make $10,000 each Yep you guessed it you will make whatever you would've made which would be at least $10,000 plus you will have earned yourself two $10,000 matching bonuses as well so you see a little work upfront is really important when I got into this business I decided right away that I wanted to sponsor the first four people in my front line and I knew I had to hurry before someone else put someone in my front line for me. So I encourage you to take a close look at four corners alliance group I hope you join our team I will leave a link after this message for you to take a look at and see if this is the business for you as well we love to help you let's work together thanks Darren.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Four Corners Alliance Group Review

Four Corners Alliance Group 

4 Corners Alliance Group is a new Business based in Las Vegas and has hit the web by storm. When I first heard of this company I was floored at their compensation plan. Honestly I have never seen anything like it especially the bonus structure in the second and fourth paystreams. There are a total of 5 pay streams with Four Corners Alliance Group  

The program is built around a four by six forced matrix and is set to blow the door off of the social media marketing world. I started 4 days ago and I have already filled up my front line and am now working on my second level. I use various methods of collecting leads which I will be glad to discuss with anyone wishing to learn how to acquire leads.  I honestly can't say enough good about 4 corners Alliance group. It is the best opportunity out there right now for someone wanting to build an income from home. I you like social media you will feel right at home as an affiliate with this company. If you have any questions or if you just want to check how much progress I've made since this post to see if joining Four Corners Alliance Group is for you don't hesitate to get in touch with me through this link. I'll do all I can to help you in whatever way I can. -Dario